Cupid’s little helpers were out enjoying the Valentine spirit at Castle & Cooke’s community of Alberhill Ranch on Saturday, February 12, 2011.

The community children and parents came out to celebrate Valentine’s Day and express the artists of our community at the Valentine making event held at the Sales Center sponsored by Castle & Cooke. All the makings for a beautiful Valentine are including the talented children of the Alberhill Ranch neighborhood. The parents and children enjoyed the warm Saturday weather with their neighbors.

Angie White and Katherine McLain were on hand to assist the artists on this fun filled day. Glue, scissors, hearts and smiles were enjoyed by all. Each child also enjoyed a special goody bag filled with Valentine fun. The evidence of this new community tradition is now on display at the Alberhill Ranch sales center.

Many of the guests from outside the community were so excited to see how engaging the Valentine event was that they went on tours to see the homes available, along with the private pools, parks and greenbelt areas inside of this unique Lake Elsinore neighborhood.
Drop by our sales center at 4113 Pearl Street in the scenic community of Lake Elsinore and look at what the talented young artists from Alberhill Ranch created. Visit us online at and see what life is like living in a Castle & Cooke Community.